Saturday, February 5, 2011

[J-Dorama] Sunao ni Narenakute

Name: Sunao ni Narenakute - Hard to say I love you
Aired: April~June 2010 on FujiTV
Main actors: Eita, Juri Ueno, Megumi Seki, Tetsuji Tamayama, Jaejoong Hero

Today I finally finished watching the J-dorama "Sunao ni Narenakute" \(^0^)/

This drama from 2010 is about 5 people who got to know each other with the help of Twitter. This people are: Keisuke "Nakaji" Nakajjma (Eita), a talented photographer who is aiming to become a war photographer like his father; Tsukiko "Haru" Mizuno (Juri Ueno), a young openhearted woman wants to become a high school teacher; her best friend Hikari "Peach" Nishimaru (Megumi Seki) whose boyfriend left her after she found out she is pregnant; Kaoru "Linda" Ichihara, who works at a magazine he is blackmailed into sexual favours by his chief editor; and Seonsu "Doctor" Park, an Korean working at a company that sells medical equipment to disinterested doctors, and at the same time, trying to take care of his younger sister.
The five are meeting at a bar called "Emotion" and finally get close friends in real life - especially connected with love. But a lot of things will happen to each of them...

A wonderful story about love, strength in life, how to find to yourself and following your dreams. I really enjoyed watching the drama and only can recommend it to everyone of you!

I also like the two theme songs. One is "Hard to say I love you" by the band Weaver which is a really catching tune. The other one is "Sunao ni Narenakute by Sayuri Sugawara.

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