Saturday, February 19, 2011

[J-Movie] Oretachi ni Asu ha naissu

Name: Oretachi ni Asu ha naissu | Ain't no Future
(in Japanese: 俺たちに明日はないッス)
Released: 2008
Main Actors: Sakura Andou, Tokio Emoto, Yuuya Endou, Ini Kusano, Sora Aoi and more

This movie released in 2008 is about the difficult love/sex-lives of 6 high school students.
The 17 year-old Hiruma is desperate to get laid and takes out his sexual urges on Anpai, a fat boy who has "boobs". Anpai suddenly gets into a relationship with the beautiful Akie which secretly is attracted by sumo wrestlers. Another girl, Chizu, who doesn't have a mother and knows nothing about the female body asks her male classmate Mine to teach her everything about sex. And while Tomono is in a serious relationship with a married teacher, suddenly also Himura gets interested in her.

I found this movie by chance while I was looking around for new movies and thought the DVD cover is interesting. So I finally watched it last night and don't really know what to say. I think this movie is kind of weird in my eyes. Don't know why, but it's not the way I like this movie very much. I mean it's very interesting to see the different stories of the teens... but somehow... don't know. But I started to like Anpai *laugh*
After all I would say it's not a "most-have-seen-movie", but it's ok. And it is not for kids ;D

Watch the trailer here:

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