Thursday, March 31, 2011

[J-Music] Miyavi - What's my name? (album)

Artist: Miyavi
Album title: What's my name?
Release date: 13th October 2010

While on Saturday it's finally time that I will see Miyavi live again on his world tour "What's my name" it's also time to write a little review of his latest album with the same title.
It's hard to tell what this album is like - typically miyavi, may this is the easiest way to judge it. You can hear his unique guitar skills and his awesome way to sing. On this album there are a lot of catchy tunes, up-beat numbers but also songs with meaningful lyrics.

Let's say something to some of the songs. My favorite song is the most silent song of the album: "Sutekina mirai" which (if I remember it right) was written for his first daughter Lovelie and means "a wonderful future" - and for sure it is a really wonderful ballad. Next very touching song is "Gravity" - this song is simply amazing. It touched me very deeply especially because of the passion you can feel in Miyavi's singing. Some more party-songs are "A-ha" (which totally reminds me of the song "Boom-hah-boom-hah-hah"), "What's my name?" and "Torture", which I'm really looking forward to hear live at the concert. Two other songs I really love and which are really catchy tunes are "I love you, I love you, I love you, and I hate you" and "Super Hero". I'm singing this songs all day long in the last weeks.
All in all, Miyavi's latest album is really great and a must-have for every Miyavi fan ♥

02 Torture
03 A-ha
04 Chillin' Chillin' Money Blue$
05 I love you, I love you, I love you, and I hate you.
06 Moon
07 Gravity
08 Universe
09 Unbreakable
10 Shelter
11 Super Hero (album ver.)
12 Sutekina Mirai
13 Futuristic Love
14 Survive (album ver.)

Here is a radio live as sample of the album:

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