Monday, April 25, 2011

[J-Music] Luna Sea - Promise (song)

Artist: Luna Sea
Song title: Promise
Release date: 9th April 2011

Luna Sea published their first new song after 10 years as a digital single on 9th April 2011 (download able on Amazon). All proceeds will be donated to disaster relief efforts to help those affected by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami from 11th March 2011. First the new song was called "Promised Night" but the title was changed to "PROMISE".

According to the kind of sad lyric the song sounds very happy and gives you some hope. Mainly it is an amazing sound and has a very catchy tune - and I most of all like the ending of the song. It's absolutely a great new song for Luna Sea to release after such a long time!

(Romaji & Translation taken from Sweetest Coma Forum - I think the translation is good)

Kimi ga hanatsuyo totsuzen no senkou
Yakusoku no chi wa idakareta tenkuu
Hotobashiru ase no nioi ni yomigaeru kioku
Kagayaki dashita nosa Tonight

Hibiki aeru ima dokomademo
Kimi ni aitakute hayaku

Furidashita bakari ni suginai kono ame
Mukui bakari o uketeiru you na jidai
Aoide ten ni hajizu ima koso hirogeyou tsubasa
Mabushi sugiru chikai Tonight

Hibiki aeru hi mo bokura nara
Kimi ni aitakute hayaku
Kimi ni aitakute

Yozora o terasetara
Ima koso Your Life tokihanate

Yoru o kirisaite kimi o ubaitai

Hibiki aeru ima kanata made
Kimi ni aitakute hayaku

Kimi ni aitakute ima mo
...aitakute...kimi ni
You emitted a sudden flash
In the promised land nestled in the sky
Memories recalled by the scent of pouring sweat
Began to shine tonight

We are now completely attuned
I want to see you soon

In this rain that has only just begun to fall
In this era that has only received punishment
Looking up we are not ashamed in the presence of heaven
The wings we shall spread right now
The too-radiant promise tonight

If we are now attuned
I want to see you soon
I want to see you

If it will illuminate the night sky
Now is the time to set your life free

Tearing through the night  I want to sing of you

We are now attuned across the other side
I want to see you soon

I want to see you even now
I miss you

Luna Sea - Teaser for Promise

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