Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[J-Movie] Tengoku ha mattekureru

Name: Tengoku wa mattekureru | 天国はくれる
English title: Heaven can wait, maybe…
Released: 2007
Main Actors: Yoshihiko Inohara, Aya Okamoto, Shunsuke Kiyokiba, Ayumi Ishida, Ken Ishiguro, Keizo Kanie, Erika Toda

Hiroki (Yoshihiko Inohara), Takeshi (Shunsuke Kiyokiba) and Kauro (Aya Okamoto) have been life long friends. As children they talked about their friendship as being a sacred triangle. Now as adults they are still best friends. Hiroki works as a reporter, Kauro works in a fashionable part of the Ginza district and Takeshi works in the fish market. Although Kauro and Hiroki seem to have been in love since their early days Takeshi proposes to Kauro in front of Hiroki. Although Hiroki looks distraught, he can only give his blessings to his best friend’s wishes. Takeshi and Kauro are now set to get married until suddenly a tragedy happens.

I enjoyed watching this movie very much because it’s filled with a lot of love and warmth. The story of a friendship that has to go through a very hard time - always supported by the love of their families. It shows in a very heart-touching way how strong a friendship can be – and it made me cry at the end (q_q)


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