Thursday, February 9, 2012

[J-Music] Dirty Old Men (band introduction)

Artist: Dirty Old Men
Formed in 2003
Official website:

I discovered Dirty Old Men by accident. When I tried to use on my iPhone for the first time I listened to AJISAI radio station and the first song played was "rain show" by Dirty Old Men which I started to love directly. So I started to look for more music of this band and in the end they became one of my favorite new discoveries.

The band was formed in summer 2003 by Nobuyuki Takatsudo (Vocal&Guitar), Masamitsu Yamada (Bass) and Shinichi Notaki (Drums)  in their high school days. Actually it was planed to break up after their graduation, but they received many great responses and won in a band competition and so they decided to continue. In 2006 Takumi Yamashita joined and they started to be a 4-men-band.
By now they have released two albums ("bud" in 2008 and "guidance" in 2011) and a certain number of mini albums. Their music has a unique style with very heartful and pure songs. Each song is telling a story or kidnaps you into a wonderful dream.  
I hope I will be able to hear a lot more music of this great band - and wish them to find more and more fans!! (^0^)~ ♥

Takatsudo Nobuyuki - Vocals, Guitar
Yamashita Takumi - Guitar, Chorus
Masamitsu Yamada - Bass
Notaki Shinichi - Drums, Chorus

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