Sunday, June 19, 2011

[J-Music] GLANZ ZEIT (band introduction)

Formed in 2009

Official website:

Yesterday I discovered this band by chance because while I’m German I thought the band name is pretty interesting. So I listened to some of their songs on and totally fall in love with them.

GLANZ ZEIT was formed in 2009 with its members Masaki (vocal), Nori.H.Hikaru (guitar), Hiro (guitar), Nari (bass) and Zen (drums, special member) - band leader is bassist Nari. This band is mainly operating outside of Osaka and has a range of interesting and fun songs, a great stage presence and a lot of promise and hopefully a bright future.

While this band is still very unknown I can't find much information about them. Hopefully soon there will be more!

Here is a live from May 5th 2011 which the band uploaded on I hope you like it (^-^)

Have fun everyone with this new band ♥

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