Sunday, February 17, 2013

[J-Music] the HIATUS (band introduction)

Artist: the HIATUS
Formed in 2009
Official website:

I found the HIATUS because of Miyavi's album "Samurai Sessions Vol. 1" there he sings a song called "Silent Anger" together with Takeshi Hosomi. I really like the voice of Takeshi Hosomi and looked him up - and there was the HIATUS.

This band was formed in spring 2009 by the singer of the band Ellegarden, Takeshi Hosomi, as his solo-project after his band announced their indefinite hiatus in 2008. All the other members came from well-known bands and are skilled in music. The members' previous popularity might be one reason for the number 1 position at Oricon charts of their first album "Trash We'd Love" released in May 2009. Afterwards they took part at many festivals. The released two other albums ("Anomaly" in June 2010 and "A World of Pandemonium" in November 2011).

I listened to their latest album "A World of Pandemonium" and I liked it very much. Especially the cooperation songs with Jamie Blake are pretty nice, but I also like the sound of the other songs - I'm in love with Takeshi Hosomi's voice. You probably would also like this band (^-^)

Takeshi Hosomi – vocals, guitar  --- Ellegarden
Masasucks – guitar  --- Fullscratch
Koji Ueno – bass   --- Radio Caroline, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant
Takashi Kashikura – drums   --- Toe
Hirohisa Horie – keyboard  --- Neil & Iraiza

Live support members:
Masakazu Ichise – drums --- Asparagus
Ichiyou Izawa  – keyboard --- Tokyo Jihen


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